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Top 7 Reasons to Visit the New AACSB.edu

May 2014

By Bo Breuklander, Associate, Marketing Communications, AACSB International

Thanks to visitor feedback about the AACSB.edu experience, AACSB is proud to unveil a new website full of enhanced capabilities that offer functional solutions. These improvements not only make your experience more pleasant, but now, it's easier to find the content you need. Here are the seven reasons why you should visit the new aacsb.edu:

1. New homepage layout
The homepage layout is not only pleasing to the eye, but it increases the visibility of our most popular content—without the extra step of searching for it. Sections like AACSB Accreditation, Featured Content, and Events are front and center. AACSB Accreditation allows for the quickest, easiest access to finding accredited institutions, Featured Content displays the most recent industry and AACSB news, and Events displays the upcoming conferences and seminars (with easy access to individual event pages).

2. Improved navigation
The navigation menu at the top provides a clear, intuitive way to reach the information you access most often. Drop-down menus, including Membership, Accreditation, Events, Knowledge, and Publications will then display a 'mega menu' of more specific information pertaining to those categories.

3. Site search powered by Google
Can't find what you're looking for—or don't know where to start? Just type in a keyword or two and find any topics you want spanning the entire site.

4. Institution search
This feature gives you more than one option when searching and filtering results for educational institutions. The AACSB Accreditation section on the homepage allows you to sort accredited institutions by accreditation type—and even search for keywords. The Educational Member List also permits the filtering by location, as well as accreditation type.

5. Event filters
Which AACSB event will you attend next? Our new event lists have filters that allow for hassle-free browsing, enabling you to search for events alphabetically, by location, or by date.

6. Single sign-on
Keeping track of multiple login information can be frustrating. Now, once you log in, you have an all-access pass to the Exchange and myAACSB. This is great for those who like to toggle back-and-forth when registering for events and networking digitally.

7. Responsive design
The website's responsive design ties all of these enhancements together by recognizing your point of access—so no matter what device you're using, it will instantly format to fit the screen. This prevents any navigational or visual difficulties when using a mobile phone or tablet.

Everyone at AACSB has been excited to bring your feedback to the forefront with these enhancements. As thought leaders in management education, it is important that we refreshed the delivery of our value-added content. We invite you to explore other areas of our site where you normally may not venture and hope that our new site provides as much discovery for you as it did for us. Please continue your feedback of the new AACSB.edu by sending us a message to communications@aacsb.edu.