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Prototype and Pilot Responsible Management Education with Global Peers

July 2014

By John North, Director of Global Operations, Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI)

Applications are now being invited and received from management educators and leadership developers that wish to innovate and transform their own practice, organizations, and offerings. This is the second Management Education Innovation Cohort hosted and facilitated by AACSB International's strategic partner in responsible management education, the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI).

The first (and pioneering) cohort, a global group of 18 participants from 16 institutions, has been working since November 2013 to actively drive three hands-on projects aimed at transforming management education in service of society. (Read more about the pioneering Innovation Cohort and its projects here: http://50plus20.org/ic2014) The vision "Management Education for the World," as described in the 50+20 Agenda, will guide you as you join a global network of peers to prototype—and pilot—responsible management education in practice.

The Management Education Innovation Cohort creates an opportunity for a global network of committed peers to prototype and pilot responsible management education through an action-oriented learning and innovation program. It takes place over nine months and includes four face-to-face working sessions with regional and topical peer-to-peer work in between meetings.

Cohort participants will define and initiate a transformative change outcome or program for his/her organization. The facilitated co-learning format of the cohort offers a safe space for participants to pilot and refine their transformation projects.

At the end of the program each participant would have:

• Explored and developed paths for implementing transformative change programs and initiatives within their organization or specific area of responsibility.
• Ensured their operations are positioned and recognized as being rigorous and relevant, and at the forefront of what is needed to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
• Engaged and inspired their organizations in the direction of the 50+20 Vision.
• Immersed themselves in a variety of emergent learning methodologies and piloted advanced methods for evaluation of learning.
• Addressed their own personal objectives and ambitions with clear action plans.

The cohort will also develop a joint publication on key learning experiences to be shared with a global audience of peers through AACSB International and EFMD.

The first cohort meeting is likely to take place toward the end of 2014. Final venues and dates will be announced shortly—applicant organizations are invited and encouraged to act as meeting hosts.

You may contact John North (john.north@grli.org) before 29 August 2014 to apply. For more information visit: http://50plus20.org/innovation-cohort