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myAccreditation Is Launched: How Did We ‘Manage’ Without It?

March 2015

By Lee Davidson, Senior Associate, Copywriter/Editor, AACSB International; and Ginger Ausloos, Senior Coordinator II, Accreditation Services, AACSB International

In October, we announced that the process for applying for accreditation and continuous review would soon be changing to a new and fully online accreditation management system, myAccreditation. Now, that change has come.

The new myAccreditation system went live in conjunction with last month’s Deans Conference. For those of you who attended, you had the opportunity to attend a bonus session in which AACSB accreditation staff provided an overview of how the new system works. If you missed out on the session at Deans, you will have another opportunity to explore myAccreditation during an ICAM bonus session on April 27, 7:30 a.m. EST.

Testing on myAccreditation concluded on January 30. For the two rounds of external stakeholder testing and two rounds of internal beta testing, we had close to 100 individuals test and provide feedback that we have used in the development of the system. The external volunteers represent a diverse subset of the membership in global distribution as well as in their place in the accreditation process. Schools in the testing phase ranged from those working on the development of their eligibility application all the way to those completing their appropriate Continuous Improvement Review materials within myAccreditation.

As a reminder, this new system includes the following exciting features:

An enhanced communication functionality. This feature allows individuals to comment within their application and direct the comment to a specific audience. Specifically, it allows the school to not only reach out to individuals at their own school to request clarification or comment on a specific question, but it also provides them with an area in which they can reach out to their assigned volunteer or staff liaison to do the same. This functionality further allows the assigned volunteers and committee members to comment during their review of the school’s submission and provide comment to a select audience.

A school landing page. From this page, an institution can easily see what items are due next, when they are due, a list of their historical submissions (those done within myAccreditation), and their assigned staff liaison and volunteer(s). In the next phase of development we are also incorporating reminders, so the school will be automatically reminded of when the next item is due.

A volunteer landing page. This area provides a space where volunteers can go to manage all of their assignments, see what materials are due, see what the school has submitted, view the school’s staff liaison, and, if it is a peer review team assignment, they will also see the other volunteers assigned to the case. The page will also provide volunteers an area in which they can locate the historical information submitted by the school (those done within myAccreditation).

Paperless document submissions. Schools will no longer need to provide AACSB with paper copies. Once an application has been submitted within myAccreditation, AACSB will be automatically notified and the school will be provided with a confirmation receipt screen to confirm submission. You have the ability to print any of your documents (blank, submitted, or in-process) by using the print functionality within myAccreditation.

In early March, accredited schools and schools in the initial accreditation process will be provided with a detailed notification of their accreditation standing as well as guidance on their next steps for using the myAccreditation system. This email will confirm information on what the school has due next, which set of standards they are working under, their accreditation staff liaison, and whether they have an option of submitting within myAccreditation. While some schools will be required to transition to myAccreditation, others will have an option but will be encouraged to do so. The largest group of schools affected by the transition is the group of schools that will be submitting their CIR Application on July 1, 2015. All of these schools, which represent one-fifth of AACSB’s accredited schools, will be required to submit their application within myAccreditation. More information on the transition is available on the myAccreditation webpage (see “When Do I Start Using myAccreditation?”).