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Leading Through Crisis: ENL Broadcast With Erika James

March 2015

By AACSB Staff

If you missed the live ENL broadcast of John Fernandes and Erika James conversing about crisis management, workplace diversity, and issues b-schools are facing today, you can still view the video on the ENL webpage, under Recent Broadcasts.

Fernandes, in his final ENL broadcast, speaks with James, dean of the Goizueta Business School at Emory University. An expert in crisis management, and the first African American female dean of a top business school, James discusses leadership and management strategies that can aid business school leaders, as well as those in industry, in facing times of crisis. The broadcast also touches on the institutional change within AACSB as it welcomes new president and CEO, Tom Robinson.

Regarding her entry into the crisis management field, James notes that it came about through efforts to manage diversity in the workplace, which turned into management of crises. Hear about how business schools can be at the helm in maneuvering through troubled waters. Specific topics discussed include the response to Hurricane Katrina and the unexpected leadership that arose from that disaster; how BP managed the Deep Water Horizon incident; how the current female CEO of GM handled its recent massive vehicle recall; how to lead amid the new threat of cyber attacks; where improvements can be made in the space of diversity in higher education; and strategies for engaging the corporate sector in business schools today. Tune in to this broadcast to learn how, as Fernandes notes, "crises can have an impact on broadening thinking," and how they can turn into opportunities for positive change.

Erika James is dean of the Goizueta Business School at Emory University. She has been featured in publications including Bloomberg Businessweek, USA Today, and most recently, BizEd Magazine.

James brings an extensive portfolio of research and consulting experience to ENL, including decision making under pressure, workplace diversity, and a study of BP's crisis management of the Deepwater Horizon incident of 2010.

She is the former president and owner of the Institute for Crisis Management.