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Invitation to a Dialogue About Our Future

September 2013

AACSB International would like to cordially invite you to participate in an online dialogue, dedicated to the future of management education. Through your participation, you can help shape AACSB's discussion and research agenda by identifying the potential future scenarios and challenges that you believe could have great implications for business schools or, more generally, for higher education. Participation in this dialogue is 100 percent open to all and 100 percent free to use.

This web page was launched by AACSB on August 22nd with the encouragement of the Committee on Issues in Management Education (CIME), a committee charged with identifying emerging issues and challenges in management education on a global basis. The goal for this web page is to facilitate wider, forward-thinking conversation regarding the grand challenges and future of higher education:

How will the future of management education be different from today? What transformations or evolutions will tomorrow's leaders face? What does this mean for business schools today?

The dialogue is organized around four "tracks" that comprise the four central areas of higher and management education, including pedagogy and learning (the way we teach); knowledge creation and research (the way we create); outreach (the way we engage); and, the business model (the way we manage). The platform enables users to rank or comment on others' contributions or submit their own ideas.

We urge you to participate in the conversation, as we aim to identify present and potential challenges, as well as promote rich dialogue on the subject of the future for higher education.

To participate in the dialogue, please navigate to: www.aacsb.edu/transform.

A Preview of Contributions

The following are titles of the ideas posed by contributors to the site and currently being debated and shared.*

• Business school research and industry
• Are we making an impact?
• Dealing with complexity and rapid change
• Bending the cost curve
• Building local capacity
• Handheld computing
• Striving for student comprehension of materials
• Knowledge/skills for the future
• Linking academic research to student education
• Integrative approach to business education
• Toward evidence-based best practice in management education
• The virtual b-school
• Building a business while learning the theoretical backbone of business
• Asian business school differentiation

* Ideas and comments are submitted by visitors to the site and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of AACSB International.

Join the Discussion

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