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Introducing AACSB's Collaboration Concourse

November 2013

By Dan LeClair, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, AACSB International

The future of higher education is being shaped today by emerging connections and collaborations between providers in different regions of the world—and the number of schools already engaged in collaborative relationships is worth noting. In AACSB's 2011-2012 Collaborations Survey, 340 business schools representing 48 countries reported a total of 8,466 collaborations with 2,433 unique partner institutions stretching across 120 nations. These collaborations are motivated by a range of objectives, from developing the international management capabilities of students, to increasing the school's reputation, revenue, and research capacity. Regardless of the reason, forward-looking business schools must reach out and develop relationships with other schools—and other organizations—around the world in order to fully embrace AACSB's call for innovation, engagement, and impact. In order to facilitate these valuable connections, we created the Collaboration Concourse, a new online portal designed for member schools registered for AACSB International conferences.

Launched this week, the Collaboration Concourse already includes 13 schools in the Asia-Pacific region ready and willing to host potential collaborators from around the world in conjunction with AACSB's International Conference and Annual Meeting (ICAM), the world's largest, most anticipated annual gathering of business school leaders. Its first time ever in Asia, ICAM 2014 will be held in Singapore, a bustling hub, known for its accessibility as a global meeting point. AACSB is expecting more than 1,000 business school leaders from around the globe under one spectacular roof at the Marina Bay Sands.

Visit the Collaboration Concourse to learn more about these schools and what makes them distinctive. There, you'll also find contact information for each school profiled, so you can begin planning your trip and create lasting value from your participation in ICAM. If you are at a member school in the Asia Pacific region (already registered for ICAM) and would like to host visitors in conjunction with the event, we encourage you to create a profile. If you did not receive your invitation to create a profile upon registering, please contact Colin Nelson. Of course, if you just want to meet new people at ICAM, you'll have an array of tools to assist, including The Exchange platform to facilitate networking and communication, a new AACSB mobile app, and extended breaks and networking receptions.

In addition to provocative plenary sessions by thought leaders Rachel Botsman and Vineet Nayar and a diverse agenda addressing a range of challenges facing business schools in a global environment, there are tracks specifically focusing on collaboration, accreditation, and sustainability. And, there is a bonus session featuring AACSB president and CEO, John J. Fernandes and vice president, outreach, Michael Wiemer. Leveraging more than 25 combined years of international experience, they will discuss the characteristics of exemplary and innovative collaboration models and identify the "must do's" in order to create and maintain high-impact collaborations.

ICAM 2014 is the single most important event of the year to attend if your school is interested in developing global collaborative opportunities. Now, with the Collaboration Concourse, the event offers an unmatched platform for networking, building on the expansive AACSB International network now totaling nearly 1,400 business schools from more than 80 countries.

Dan LeClair
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, AACSB International