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Faculty Diversity—Looking at Faculty Ranks and Disciplines by Gender

April 2013

By Jessica Brown, Senior Manager, Knowledge Services, AACSB International

Lately it seems like discussions of gender balance are in the air, with articles and blogs mentioning faculty gender often. To provide additional clarity to these discussions, several AACSB data points have been explored. Based on the 2012–2013 Global Salary Survey, of 35,246 full-time faculty, 30.2% (10,644) of the positions are currently being held by women. By faculty rank, the percent reported as female ranged from 18.9% (2,070 of 10,951) in the professor rank to 40.0% at the instructor level (2,195 of 5,488).

Knowing this, which faculty ranks and disciplines have the highest percentage of female faculty? To explore this question, the following AACSB data has been derived from 2012–2013 Global Salary Survey participants at 604 schools. This data includes all disciplines collected and is not limited to the disciplines shown below. The following charts provide a snapshot of the disciplines with the largest percent of faculty reported as female in the 2012–2013 Global Salary Survey.

Figure 1. Highest Percentages of Female Professors by Discipline.

Business communication is one of the least represented disciplines, with only 66 full-time professors and 490 total full-time faculty reported. Despite its smaller size, the discipline leads in the percentages for female faculty ,and is the highest percentage in each of the four faculty ranks listed. The professor ranks show the smallest overall percentages of female representation for this particular data year.

Figure 2. Highest Percentages of Female Associate Professors by Discipline.

Even at the associate professor level, business communication leads the percentages. However, there is a large jump when looking across all disciplines. At the associate professor level, 30.7% of full-time faculty were reported as female.

Figure 3. Highest Percentage of Female Assistant Professors by Discipline.

At the assistant professor rank, female faculty first constitute more than 60% of faculty in a specific discipline (business communication, 63.5%) with three addition disciplines approaching 50%.

For more information on this data, contact: datadirect@aacsb.edu.