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Disciplines for Full-time Faculty at AACSB Member Schools

February 2014

By Jessica Brown, Senior Manager, Knowledge Services, AACSB International

As part of the annual Global Salary Survey, AACSB collects counts of full-time faculty by their primary discipline. Knowing which disciplines receive focused attention from a large part of a school's faculty can give an idea of which disciplines are considered part of the core set taken by most of that school's students. Topics that are more specialized will generally have fewer overall faculty counts. While this doesn't imply that other disciplines are of any lesser importance to the business field, it does illustrate what students can expect to see as part of their education before finding their own specialties.

The salary survey collects data on 28 distinct disciplines and any other category of disciplines that are not listed. The following charts show the ten most commonly reported faculty disciplines by faculty rank, plus an 'all others' category to show the proportion of full-time faculty reported in any of the remaining disciplines.

At the professor, associate professor, and assistant professor ranks, the top three disciplines are finance, accounting, and marketing with more than 40 percent of the total faculty reports at these ranks within one of these three disciplines. The fourth most commonly reported discipline varies by rank with economics at the professor level, CIS/MIS at the associate professor level, and management at the assistant professor level. At all four faculty ranks, the top four disciplines represent more than 50 percent of the total faculty reported at that rank. The ten disciplines displayed below for each of the faculty ranks represent more than 83 percent of all full-time faculty reported at that rank.

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