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December/January 2009–10

AACSB Examines Enrollment by Discipline at Member Schools
Between 2006–07 and 2008–09, there have been both increases and decreases in the enrollment of a variety of disciplines at the graduate level.

Assurance of Learning (AoL) is Tough to Perfect—But Your Students Will Thank You
In this issue’s accreditation section, AACSB discusses the importance of AoL and provides an overview of its framework.

Business School Faculty Trends by Discipline
AACSB analyzes faculty growth across disciplines and positions.

Dean's Corner: A Look Back at the Issues Addressed by Deans

Ethics: More Important Now than Ever
When economic turmoil arises, business schools have a more critical role than ever in instilling a sense of right and wrong in their students—from financial statement honesty to teaching the potential impacts of social media behaviors.

The Power of Branding Your Business School
It doesn’t matter what industry a business is in, brand power can be the difference between average and exceptional profits. But, branding isn’t just for big business. It is critical for business schools too.

UpFront: The Missing Link
by John Fernandes
President and CEO
AACSB International

February/March 2010

2008–2009 Business School Salary Trends Revealed
The latest AACSB Global Salary Survey Report examined the salaries of 30,971 faculty members and 5,924 administrators at 550 schools covering 28 disciplines. Several interesting salary trends have continued to present themselves. Read more and download the report’s executive summary.

Accreditation: 2010 Update to AACSB Business Accreditation Standards and Processes
On January 31, 2010, the changes to the interpretive materials supporting the AACSB accreditation standards and processes became effective. The following article provides an overview of the changes approved by the Accreditation Coordinating Committee (ACC) and the Accreditation Quality Committee (AQC).

Chair’s Exchange: Innovation, Business Schools, and AACSB International
by Andrew Policano
Chair, AACSB International Board of Directors
Dean, Paul Merage School of Business
University of California, Irvine

Dean's Corner: What We Learned from Initial Accreditation
by Joseph E. McCann, Dean
Jacksonville University

Differences in Career Paths of Female and Male Faculty in the United States
by Shani D. Carter, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Rhode Island College

In a study by Dr. Carter, it was found that there are vast differences between women’s and men’s rates of obtaining promotions within academia over a 16 year period. For example, women’s careers tend to plateau at the mid-ranks of faculty, while men’s careers tend to lead to the highest rank.

April/May 2010

AACSB Member Schools are Increasing Online Program Offerings

Accreditation: Effective Strategic Planning
Not only is strategic management a key element in AACSB’s accreditation standards, it establishes a roadmap for schools to achieve their missions and continually improve. AACSB discusses how effective plans begin with solid missions and progress with aligned resources and communication.

Dean’s Corner: The Power of Personal Networking in a Digital Age
by Carol Roever, interim dean, Steven L. Craig School of Business, Missouri Western State University

Post-Doctoral Bridge Programs for Non-Business PhDs Report Two-Year Results
The AACSB-endorsed Post-Doctoral Bridge to Business Programs continue to support the production of academically qualified business school faculty.

Rethinking the MBA: Business Education at a Crossroads
At AACSB’s 2010 Deans Conference, Harvard University professor Srikant M. Datar outlined a number of the significant challenges currently facing MBA programs, including the decrease in enrollment in many two-year, full-time MBA programs (particularly at mid-ranked schools), the rise of alternatives to the two-year full-time MBA, declines in student engagement, and a rise in external and internal criticism of the degree's content.

UpFront: Business Schools—Job One
by John Fernandes, president and CEO, AACSB International
Business schools face many callings and challenges these days. Yet, I believe there is one emphasis that trumps all the fore-mentioned good intentions and those with limited true benefit.

June/July 2010

AACSB Explores Global Trends in Doctoral Education
As the management education industry continually evolves, it is important to keep watch on the challenges associated with sustaining scholarship in business schools, as well as seek ways to remain proactive. AACSB takes a look at the global trends associated with doctoral faculty supply and demand.

Accreditation: Revised Eligibility Application Process to Go Into Effect July 2010
The revised process will help AACSB to provide an enhanced level of client service to schools seeking Initial Accreditation through a more timely appointment of an accreditation mentor and staff liaison. The changes to the process will go into effect July 1, 2010.

Dean’s Corner: The Role of Business Schools in Educating and Promoting Eco-Friendliness
By Robert K. Su, Dean
National Chengchi University

Exploring Effective Practices and Business School Profile Reports
As the 2010–2011 annual AACSB Business School Questionnaire (BSQ) comes to a close, two reporting tools may assist business schools with strategic planning, benchmarking, and accreditation.

The Demand for Business Degrees Continues, Creating a Positive Outlook for Business Schools
In spite of the continuing rocky environments found throughout our global economy, the outlook for business schools looks positive as graduate compensation and employability continues to attract students.

August/September 2010

Accreditation: Improving Career Awareness and Opportunities for Your Students
AACSB Business Accreditation Standard 8 states that a “school maintains a staff sufficient to provide stability and ongoing quality improvement for student support activities. Student support activities reflect the school’s mission and programs and the students’ characteristics.” A portion of this standard’s expectation involves “career advising” or providing support for business students as they seek to begin their careers.

Annual Data Tracks Changes in Business Program Offerings
By controlling for a set of schools that have participated in specific years of the annual Business School Questionnaire (BSQ), the changing demand for programs in different disciplines can be explored. Over a period of time, this data is tracked to determine if there is an overall shift in the proportion of programs or smaller annual changes in the establishment and removal of specific degrees by discipline.

Dean’s Corner: The Importance of a Global Perspective
by Vance Roley, dean, Shidler College of Business, University of Hawai'i at Mānoa

Tech Teaching: Ideas Surrounding its Impacts
Throughout the last several months, there has been significant commentary on the impact of technology on teaching and communicating with students and others in the higher education community—much of which has been negative.

UpFront: Responsible Leadership: An Essential Attribute
by John Fernandes, president and CEO, AACSB International