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AACSB Ifluential Leaders Challenge

May 2015

By Lee Davidson, Senior Associate, Copywriter/Editor, AACSB International; and Amy Ponzillo, Manager, Public Relations, AACSB International

With the launch of its Centennial Celebration at ICAM 2015 last month, AACSB International introduced an initiative to recognize influential leaders who have graduated from AACSB-accredited schools. This initiative, the Influential Leaders from AACSB Business Schools Challenge, aims to bring to the spotlight individuals who have made a significant impact in business and society, with their beginnings at AACSB-accredited institutions.

The challenge is for business schools to identify alumni from their programs who have made (or are making) an impact in the world through their business acumen, leadership abilities, or entrepreneurial success. Influential Leaders will be recognized for ways they have demonstrated an innovative mindset, shown entrepreneurial spirit, made significant business impact, or engendered dramatic community or social change.

There are many successful business leaders out there. But the ones who graduate from AACSB institutions answer to a higher standard. These influencers come from leading schools around the globe and have made their mark as innovators, entrepreneurs, community leaders and social change agents. Those we will be recognizing—experts in their field—have blazed a trail for the leaders of tomorrow. They can teach us so much about what it takes to do good by doing well. AACSB is pleased to champion the best of our best as together we set the standard of what it means to be a leader and influencer in today’s evolving business landscape.

To participate in the challenge, AACSB-accredited schools are asked to submit up to two nominations for consideration. The schools will provide answers to open-ended questions, describing how their alumni are uniquely qualified to be Influential Leaders. Nominations will be evaluated on the impact made on business, management education and/or society.

Submissions are being accepted through June 30, with selections made in July, at which time institutions will also be notified. The official announcement will occur at the 2015 Annual Accreditation Conference in Chicago, Illinois, USA (September 20-22, 2015), where the recipient and the nominating institution will be recognized via the following methods:

Formal Press Announcement: AACSB will conduct a global promotional communications and marketing campaign surrounding the announcement. The campaign will include media exposure within mainstream media inside and outside the business and higher-education realm. To maximize media attention and social media exposure, the communications campaign will also include a coordinated effort with nominating schools marketing and public relations teams.

Influential Leaders in AACSB History webpage: The nominating institution and recipient will be featured on an Influential Leaders page within the AACSB website.

Ongoing email and social media campaigns: Influential Leaders will be referenced and featured in ongoing marketing, public relations, and social media campaigns throughout AACSB’s Centennial Anniversary year.

BizEd Magazine: Coverage of the Influential Leaders will be included in the November/December issue of BizEd.

For more information and to submit nominations, please visit the Influential Leaders from AACSB Business Schools Challenge webpage. For any questions, please email MediaRelations@aacsb.edu.

Together we can affirm the role of accredited schools as drivers of innovation and change to a global student, employer, and business audience. Thank you for participating, and we look forward to receiving your nominations!