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A Look at School Administrators

June, 2013

By Jessica Brown, Senior Manager, Knowledge Services, AACSB International

Over the past months, we've focused on faculty information from gender, to the most common fields/disciplines, to questions of tenured and tenure-track positions. Turning attention to data on school administrators instead, it is interesting to look at some of the characteristics common among the group. Based on the data collected on the 2012–2013 Global Salary Survey (604 schools participating), 4,328 full-time administrators were employed at participating AACSB member schools. These administrators are key parts of the business school, responsible for decisions affecting student, faculty, and other stakeholders.

Percent Reported by Title
How many administrators are reported for each job title? Figure 1 below shows the overall percentage of the total administrators reported that held each position title.

Figure 1.

The largest category reported, excluding "other," was as the associate dean level with 17.3 percent of all reported administrators being associate deans. The least reported positions, director of distance education and director of business library services were tied at 0.4 percent each.


Of 4,328 full-time school administrators reported in any administration position, 46.3 percent were reported as female. Figure 2 below gives a breakdown of the percent reported as female per position title.

While, 46.3 percent of all administrators were reported as female, there was a large degree of difference based on the specific position title. In some cases, such as the director of business library services, the female administrators made up nearly 75 percent of administrators at this level. Female administrators also led the percentages in 13 other position titles. Male administrators were highest in eight categories, including the total.

Figure 2.


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