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The Framework to Flourish and Prosper

August 2014

The new book Flourishing Enterprise: The New Spirit of Business (Stanford University Press) highlights new insights and business models based on research at Case Western Reserve University's (CWRU) Weatherhead School of Management. The research and ideas in the book are the drivers of Flourish & Prosper: The Third Global Forum for Business as an Agent of World Benefit, which will take place October 15–17 at CWRU's campus in Cleveland, Ohio.

This 'unconference' will bring together more than 1,000 business leaders to participate in plenary sessions, thought leader and CEO panels, interactive workshops, and Appreciate Inquiry based mini design summits. More than 60 Global Forum leaders will be on hand to provide participants with actionable plans they can use in their own organizations.

Here are three big ideas from the book that provide the framework for the Global Forum's agenda:

First, business needs to replace the tired notion of 'environmental and social sustainability' with the much more inspiring concept of 'flourishing'. Sustainability has come to mean meeting material needs and doing less harm. Flourishing is about doing well, thriving, and prosperity: it engages and motivates people in an entirely different way.

Second, businesses need to pay more attention to personal flourishing: the idea that people should feel whole at work, and to feel treated as human beings—rather than fungible resources. This translates into work environments where people's values align with their organization's values, enabling them to live purpose-driven lives.

And third, we need more mindful management practices in the workplace. Practices such as meditation, journaling, poetry and music, and nature immersion can increase our sense of connectedness to self, to others and to the world. A growing body of research suggests that such reflective practices—and the sense of connectedness they produce—are a gateway to personal flourishing.

For more information about Flourish & Prosper: The Third Global Forum for Business as an Agent of World Benefit, please visit www.globalforumbawb.com. Registration is now open with reduced rates until August 31.