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The Business Education Jam

September 2014

The VP of Innovation at General Electric sits down with the #1 ranked management thinker to figure out how to create a culture of innovation where there typically isn't one. Ideas fly back and forth, stories are swapped, the conversation treks through years of experience and ideal future scenarios. Suddenly, there's a moment of realization—in all of this talk a new path is emerging. A concept that neither thought of before. A solution born from combined perspectives.

The Business Education Jam is a place where conversations like that will happen for 60 consecutive hours. It's a place where you can connect with more than 75 VIP guests and brainstorm with influential thinkers in academia and industry who range from seasoned veterans to recent graduates to current students. Together, thousands of voices from across the globe will tackle the challenges we're all facing in a rapidly changing business world.

Every Voice Matters—Really

When we say that your voice matters, we mean it. In the most literal sense, each participant is a valuable asset to this event. Jams rely on a suite of innovative analytics, data visualization, and hosting technologies developed in house at IBM. Through this suite, every participant's contribution to this global brainstorm is analyzed. From a single comment to an entire conversation, every word is poured over by the social and analytic tools of the Jam. Trends are identified, popular topics are highlighted, and "best" ideas are called out. Each voice builds an intricate and powerful blueprint for a more innovative future in business education.

Register for the Business Education Jam today. Free and open to the public, the Jam will occur over three days (9/30–10/2), allowing you to log on according to your own schedule—for just a few minutes or for a few hours.

Share this article with your colleagues, industry contacts, students, and anyone with a stake in business education and encourage them to join you in this unprecedented event. We'll talk to you on September 30. Explore themes, view the list of VIP guests, and register at bu.edu/jam.