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A Congratulatory Visit from Across the Pond: AACSB in the News

December 2014

By AACSB staff in conjunction with Northumbria University staff

One of AACSB’s recently accredited business schools, Newcastle Business School at Northumbria University, received a welcome visit from one of its successful alumni, who works in the field of business intelligence. Here is the story, as reported in a press release by Northumbria:

AACSB success prompts trans-Atlantic visit by alumnus

USA-based Garry Merrill, who graduated from Newcastle Business School in 1987, returned to the Faculty last week to offer his congratulations on the recent AACSB accreditation.

Having held senior director roles with global companies including Exon Mobil and PricewaterhouseCoopers, the successful businessman was also happy to pass on career advice to current students.

Newcastle Business School recently became part of a global elite of the top 1% of business schools to achieve a rare double accreditation with The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International in business and accounting.

Garry, who made the trip to Newcastle while visiting family in the UK, said: “Achieving this double accreditation with the AACSB is exceptional and will really get the School noticed, especially in the USA but also all around the world. On a personal note it’s been great to come back here after all these years and to see how it has changed. I have never forgotten that the opportunities I have had in my career, including my move to the US 24 years ago, all started right here at Newcastle Business School.”

Currently a director for business intelligence with an Internet auction company in Dallas, Garry also believes the work placement he had as a Newcastle Business School student was incredibly valuable.

He added: “I had originally focused on marketing, but my placements with British Gas and a company called Hill International taught me my strengths were more computer orientated. My work experience really opened the door to a successful career and I would urge all students here to grab these opportunities with both hands.”

Passing on additional career advice he said: “I firmly believe that the university you attend gets you your first opportunity, and Newcastle Business School certainly did it for me. After that, your resume, or CV, will get you the rest. Find out the top-rated 15-20 companies that tend to recruit from Northumbria in your field and apply to them. After that if you change employer try to make sure you go to strong companies that stand out. A strong resume like this will give you the best career options – it’s what employers will look at. And don’t forget you can start this process with the right work placement.”

Garry lives in Dallas with his family and loves being in the USA, although he does retain strong affinities in the UK and remains a loyal fan of Liverpool FC.

The AACSB is the longest serving global accrediting body for business schools that offer undergraduate, master's, and doctoral degrees in business and accounting. It is considered by many to be the leading international accreditation for business education, and hallmark of excellence. Newcastle Business School is the first institution in Europe to achieve the double accreditation in business and accounting.

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Garry Merrill
Dallas, TX, Businessman
Newcastle Business School Alumus