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A Preliminary Look at the 2013-2014 Global Salary Survey Data

January 2014

By Jessica Brown, Senior Manager, Knowledge Services, AACSB International

Each year, AACSB International conducts a survey on the salaries paid to full-time faculty and administrators at our member schools. The information collected through this survey is used by many schools and administrators in their hiring and salary negotiation processes, as well as by new doctorates considering teaching in a business school setting.

The 2013-2014 Global Salary Survey Overview Report will be released in early January 2014. This year, there were a total of 604 schools worldwide that participated by the date of the report analysis. These schools reported a total of 35,199 full-time faculty salaries by rank, discipline, gender, tenure status, and qualification type. In preparation for the full report availability, a preview of some of the most commonly requested data is below.

The first chart shows the average salaries reported for each faculty rank. Each rank and discipline combination is represented by one mark. The more detailed salary and discipline information will be available on the 2013-2014 Global Salary Survey reports. As illustrated below, the average salary for professors ranged from just above 100,000 USD to more than 180,000 USD depending on the professor's primary discipline.

While the chart above focuses on faculty ranks and can give a general idea of how the average range across a large set of disciplines, taking a closer look at a subset of disciplines can be helpful in seeing average salaries and how specific disciplines stack up against each other in average pay. In exploring selected disciplines for salary averages, the charts below show the average salaries by discipline for faculty ranks. Within this specific subset of disciplines, the highest average salary at each faculty rank was reported for those in finance.

Data Availability Note: When the 2013-2014 Global Salary Survey Overview and benchmarking reports are released, access will be assigned automatically to the primary contact for any AACSB member school that participated in the survey. Access for authorized users at participating schools is free-of-charge. Overview reports will also be available for purchase later in January for all other schools and the public. The executive summary for the overview reports will be publicly available on the AACSB website free-of-charge. For more information on this or other AACSB surveys and data, please contact: datadirect@aacsb.edu.