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2012–2013 AACSB Data Snapshot

September 2013

By Jessica Brown, Senior Manager, Knowledge Services, AACSB International

The 2012–2013 Business School Questionnaire (BSQ) data and reports were recently released to all AACSB members that participated in the survey and the data illustrates some very interesting facets of b-school life. Overall, 741 AACSB member schools have provided data for the 2012–2013 survey, bringing us to the largest data set ever collected through the annual survey.

The following items are simple snapshots of a few current data points that school administrators, faculty, students, and families might find useful in their planning and decision-making. These charts show two comparison groups:

All Participants: Includes data from any school that participated in the 2012–2013 BSQ. There were a total of 741 participants.

Accredited: This includes data from any AACSB-accredited school that participated in the 2012–2013 BSQ. There were a total of 603 accredited business units that participated. Nearly 90 percent of all AACSB-accredited schools provided data for the 2012–2013 BSQ.

Average Operating Budget in USD

Average Tuition and Fees in USD

Total Enrollment by Education Levels

Primary Language of Instruction

Primary Language of Instruction Accredited All Participants
English 540 642
French 14 16
Spanish 12 22
Chinese-Mandarin 9 15
Other 8 16
Korean 5 5
German 5 8
Portuguese 2 3
Japanese 2 3
Dutch 2 3
Italian 1 1
Arabic 1 3
Russian 0 2
Total 601 739

Degree Levels Offered

Degree Levels Offered Accredited All Participants
Undergraduate, Masters Only 284 341
Undergraduate, Masters, Doctoral 214 262
Undergraduate Only 34 42
Undergraduate, Masters, Certificates 26 36
Masters, Doctoral Only 25 32
Masters Only 20 28
Total 603 741

Additional data is available through the 2012–2013 Business School Overviews and the DataDirect benchmarking options for schools that participated in the survey. Survey non-participants can also purchase copies of the overview reports or can submit custom data requests to datadirect@aacsb.edu.


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