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From Dean to Executive:
Embracing the Business of Learning

By Christine Clements, Senior Vice President, Accreditation and Member Services
AACSB International
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Dean's Corner: Leading a Business School vs. Leading in the Business World: Are They Similar?

By Reginald Gilyard, Dean, The George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics, Chapman University
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A Congratulatory Visit From Across the Pond: AACSB in the News
One of AACSB’s recently accredited business schools, Newcastle Business School at Northumbria University, received a welcome visit from one of its successful alumni, who works in the field of business intelligence.
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Difficult Discussions: Achieving Results Through Skillful Communication
Business school leaders are responsible for moving their institutions forward in the face of a shifting environment, changing expectations, and new demands. In this context, the ability to lead effectively and initiate change is required throughout all areas of business schools—not only in the dean’s office. This calls for the development of leadership capacity among the next generation of leaders, while simultaneously expanding the capabilities of current leaders.
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Business School Finances: A 10-Year Look at Operating Budgets and Endowments at AACSB-Accredited Schools
Providing a good education costs money, and today’s business schools are constantly working to find more effective and efficient ways to provide those educational benefits to their students, fairly compensate their faculty and staff, and maintain the necessary physical and technological infrastructure to keep up with the needs of a rapidly evolving business world. The funding that a school has available for these purposes is usually part of their annual operating budget or their endowments.
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Organizational Structures That Impart Creativity and Impact
In the next broadcast of eNEWSLINE Live on December 11, 2014, AACSB president and CEO, John Fernandes, shares lessons acquired in his 40 years of business experience, including 15 years of leadership at AACSB International. Fernandes has learned the foundation for a successful organization lies with the individuals inside and appropriate leadership.
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Breaking Ground: Development of the New NUCB Graduate School Marunouchi Campus
In December 2014, the Nagoya University of Commerce and Business Graduate School (the NGS) will open the doors on its new Marunouchi Campus, located in the heart of Nagoya’s financial district. As the new home of MBA, Masters, and Executive level education at the NGS, the Marunouchi campus will join the current Fushimi Campus as well as satellite campuses in Tokyo and Osaka.
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> How B-Schools Inspire Innovation
As innovation becomes a critical skill in the 21st-century workplace, teaching innovation becomes an essential job for today’s business schools. Here’s how three institutions suggest integrating innovative thinking into the curriculum.

> Accounting for Diversity
Ernst & Young makes a concerted effort to attract more minorities to its workforce, as well as to the accounting profession at large.

Latest Blog Article

> Differential Tuition Rates at Business Schools
Data and Research
One of the more frequently asked questions received by AACSB International’s research staff, which we were unable to answer prior to the release of our new BSQ Finances Module, was regarding the degree to which business schools charge tuition at rates different from the standard tuition rate of their parent university.

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