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Getting to Know You: AACSB's Incoming CEO, Tom Robinson

By Tom Robinson, Incoming President and CEO, AACSB International
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Interview With Industry: Imagination, Collaboration Required

By Shaun Budnik, Partner, Deloitte LLP
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FEATURES | February 2015

ICAM 2015: Why You Don't Want to Miss It
While all of our International Conference and Annual Meetings are special, this year’s ICAM is particularly unique for a number of reasons. It is being held at our world headquarters in beautiful Tampa, Florida, USA, with warm spring-time weather; attendees will have the opportunity to mingle with the staff they interact with on a regular basis, and the transition of leadership from John Fernandes to Tom Robinson will occur.
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Where Do B-School Budgets Go? A Snapshot of 2013-14 B-School Financial Data
Finances are always a hot topic, especially when schools are working on their annual budgets and long-term financial strategies. As part of the annual Business School Questionnaire (BSQ) and BSQ Finances Module collected beginning in February each year, AACSB International collects data from member schools about budgets, endowments, school structure, and both the uses and sources of operating funds.
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BizEd Special Coverage: Deans Conference 2015
In case you have not already seen BizEd’s new website, now is the perfect time to check it out. Since mid-January, the BizEd editors and guest authors have been beginning their special coverage of the AACSB Deans Conference—the world’s largest annual gathering of business school deans—which begins on February 8. This preliminary coverage includes written opinion pieces and Q&As by panel members including Amy Hillman, Roy Green, Jennifer Chatman, and others on the theme of Deans Conference, “The Future of Work.”
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Asian Management Conclave
With a number as high as 8,500, Asia hosts 55 percent of business schools in the world. Despite this huge number, Asian b-schools are lagging behind on vital parameters like international accreditation, media rankings, research rankings, and internationalization of faculty and student body. To help improve Asian b-schools in their journey to compete globally, MBAUniverse.com is organizing the Asian Management Conclave (AMC) in Singapore on March 12-13, 2015.
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Latest Blog Post

> Factors Affecting the Uses of Operating Funds
With the greater detail afforded by the new BSQ Finances Module, we can now analyze different ways in which business schools are using their operating budgets. In the first part of this series of posts, I explore how school size and relationships with their parent university/institution (if any) interact with the way that operating funds are channeled by AACSB member business schools.

Latest BizEd Articles

> Your Turn: Professors without Borders
Liberal arts colleagues cross into business territory all the time. They’re usually on temporary work visas, because specific projects call for expertise in philosophy, art, literature, or language. Only one discipline however, offers a permanent passport, and that’s writing. Professionals on both sides of the border need good writing all the time. This article explores three principles of writing that James VanOosting of Fordham University believes can be imported across the border from liberal arts to business.

> Redefining Quality
Over the past two decades, politicians and education experts have called for reforms that would help stakeholders make more informed choices about the value of a college degree and promote increased accountability for universities. For instance, in 2013, U.S. President Barack Obama proposed a national database with a dual focus on college affordability and career outcomes. In 2006, U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings commissioned a report calling for “greater transparency and accountability for measuring institutional performance.” Here, too, the report called for a consumer database that would allow stakeholders to compare institutions on a variety of factors.

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