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Management Education Leaders from Latin America Share What Make their Schools Unique
The world continues to become interconnected, and AACSB International membership accordingly includes more schools in all regions of the world. Furthermore, management education leaders across the globe face similar challenges: developing relevant curricula, adjusting business models, leveraging technology, and many others.
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Accreditation's Unwavering Role, in a Volatile World
As AACSB approaches its centennial in 2016, the organization is reflecting on how much has changed since it began accrediting business schools. Looking ahead, AACSB realizes that subsequent evolution is expected within business school accreditation in order to effectively support AACSB's global membership in its mission to achieve and deliver quality management education.
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Looking to build new collaborative relationships? Start with AACSB's New Country Profiles
The best collaborations are rooted in common goals, mutual understanding, and respect. But what do you need to know?
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Whether you are a "regular" conference attendee, or plan on joining us for the first time, we have an offer for you! Register before August 30 and be automatically entered to win a reimbursement of your conference registration fee.
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Speak Up: The 60-hour Brainstorm That Will Revolutionize the Future of Business Education
Millions of exceptional conversations about business and business education are happening every day. Unfortunately, they're usually happening in academic or industry silos—lessening their impact.
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Undergraduate Degrees Conferred—A Look at 10 Years of Data
The undergraduate level is where b-school students are first introduced to the concepts and skills that they will need in their academic and business careers. Their experiences in business school provide a foundation and a core network for future success whether they choose to continue to a graduate level degree or put their undergraduate degree to work immediately instead.
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The Framework to Flourish and Prosper
The new book Flourishing Enterprise: The New Spirit of Business (Stanford University Press) highlights new insights and business models based on research at Case Western Reserve University's (CWRU) Weatherhead School of Management.
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Remembering Warren Bennis
Business schools today are as much about developing leadership as educating managers. For that, we owe a great debt to Professor Warren Bennis, who passed away on July 31, 2014. His pioneering work has served countless leaders across business, government, and education, and inspired a generation of scholars to explore the most challenging questions about our most valuable skill.
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> The Fiscal Fix
How can business schools thrive financially in the face of rising salaries, decreased state funding, and greater competition?

> Ethics & Enterprise
Jesuit business schools want to bring their socially oriented missions to the foreground of business education.

> Two Modes, One Experience
To better link its online students to their brick-and-mortar peers, UMass Amherst is making a bold and unusual move: offering free tuition and stipends to all students accepted into its full-time on-campus MBA program.

BizEd Articles in Spanish

AACSB International selected relevant feature articles for Latin America with the aim of providing a better approach to trends in management education, business, and accounting items worldwide.
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> Changing Program Composition
Data and Research
If you've been tapped into the news regarding higher education and business schools lately, you may be concerned by some of the words being used to describe the current landscape.

> U.S. Minority Student – Faculty Ratios Remain High
Data and Research
Trends within underrepresented minority populations at AACSB schools and within education in general, has long been a topic of significant interest to the public.